Who Else is Blogging About ECE?

This is an exciting time in the field of early education. Developments are happening at the national, state, and local levels across the United States! While searching the internet, we found several blogs that are devoted to various aspects of ece. Five of these are listed below:

1. The Tulsa Initiative Blog. This is the blog for the Tulsa Initiative Project, an Oklahoma initiative aimed at improving high-quality care for low-income children while also providing valuable resources to the families of those in Tulsa.

2. The Early Ed Watch Blog. This blog discusses all aspects of early education and focuses on policies that affect our youngest children.

3. The Texas Early Childhood Education Coalition blog. Find out what is going on in the Texas policy arena as it relates to early education.

4. Early Stories blog. This blog- written by the director of the Hechinger Institute on Education and the Media, Teachers College, Columbia University- discusses and comments on early education stories featured in the media.

5. Pre-K Now’s blog, Inside Pre-K, features entries from ece professionals. This blog takes a look inside early education classrooms.

3 thoughts on “Who Else is Blogging About ECE?

  1. I write a blog sharing ideas, personal experiences, and other blogs related to all things ECE. Mostly, I use the blog as a way to catalog ECE resources that have been helpful in my work so far.

  2. Rachel,

    It’s great to see how WECA is using new and emerging technology tools to reach out to members and improve advocacy efforts.

    I wanted to add another blog to your “who else” list. Frank Sokol Simon, from the National Association of Child are Resource & Referral Agencies (NACCRRA), uses Facebook, Twitter and a Blog on the Child Care Aware Parent Network site (http://www.ccaparentnetwork.org/blog/) to spread the word, engage others in convesations, rally parents and professionals around important issuses, and to model the use of these tools for early childhood professionals – just like WECA is doing in so many ways.

    I hope that other WECA members will join in the online conversations and virtual advocacy efforts. There is no telling what we can accomplish for young children, parents, families and our profession is we learn to harness the power and potential of these tools.


  3. Hey there ECE Bloggers!

    We just began blogging on our experience with ECE in the Palestinian territories. As a new American organization we continue to be inspired by the work of ECE professionals in our own country and we are enthusiastic about working with ECE in the Arab world. Please check out our blog at http://tomorrowsyouth.wordpress.com/. We are eager to become a part of the virtual ECE community and excited to learn from those with profound experiences in ECE (and blogging!)

    Here is to taking ECE advocacy efforts global!


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