Worthy Wage Day 2009

May 1st is recognized each year as National Early Educator Worthy Wage Day. On this day, early childhood professionals- and the organizations that support them- work together to inform the public about the importance of high quality early education. Despite the critical role they play in children’s lives, the early childhood workforce continues to be compensated poorly (the average professionals earns less than $20,000 per year). In response, Representative Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY) and Representative Todd Platts (R-PA), have proposed a resolution that “urges public officials and the general public to honor early childhood care and education staff and programs in their
communities and to work together to resolve the early childhood education staff compensation crisis.” You can read the full resolution (H. Con. Res. 99) here.

As the day is quickly approaching, you can voice your support for this resolution by calling your federal representatives. Visit www.legis.wisconsin.gov/waml and enter your home mailing address to find the phone numbers for your US Representative and US Senators.

One thought on “Worthy Wage Day 2009

  1. I will be celebrating Worthy Wage Day at the WECA Workshop, Best Practices in the Face of Change, with Gaye Gronlund, in Milwaukee–at the Brookfield Country Inn and Suites…and one of the changes I hope to be working towards is good wages and benefits for the important people who provide child care and education services every day.

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