2009 Child Nutrition Reauthorization

CACFPThis year, the US Congress has an opportunity to improve services to children through the reauthorization of child nutrition programs. A well-drafted reauthorization bill that includes improved access to services, meal quality, and nutrition education can reduce childhood hunger and obesity, especially for children from low-income families. The reauthorization bill would include changes to nutrition programs for children in child care (the Child and Adult Care Food Program), in school, and at home (through the WIC Program).

The Food Research and Action Center- in conjunction with members of the Child Nutrition Forum- are asking organizations and individuals to sign in support of their “Statement of Principles.” These principles provide Congress with guidelines as they reauthorize child nutrition programs. For the Child and Adult Care Food Program in particular, the statement urges Congress to expand eligibility guidelines to serve more low-income children, to increase reimbursement rates to providers to encourage participation, to allow providers to serve a third meal, and to provide training and technical assistance to participating programs. Click here to learn more or to sign in support of these principles.

The National Women’s Law Center also has an online action center which allows individuals to sign in support of improvements to the CACFP. You can learn more about their recommendations here or sign in support of these program changes here.

WECA has been a sponsor of the Child and Adult Care Food Program in Wisconsin since 1985. The goal of CACFP is to help early education providers afford healthy and nutritious meals for the children in their care through reimbursements. WECA’s CACFP program is the only Wisconsin sponsor that serves all 72 counties and tribal communities.

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