Governor Doyle Responds to a Growing Budget Deficit

Yesterday, Governor Doyle addressed the state in response to the continuing economic downturn in Wisconsin. Some estimates have found that the state budget deficit could be more than $1 billion larger than the $5.7 billion shortfall estimated in February. In order to fill the hole, the Governor proposed several cost-cutting measures to prepare for an additional $1.5 billion shortage including: furloughs for state employees, spending cuts of at least 5%, and personnel reductions. The Governor has not proposed any increases in taxes. Next week, when the Legislative Fiscal Bureau has calculated a more accurate estimate of the additional deficit, the Governor will propose changes to his original budget.

To read more about funding proposals for early education in the Governor’s original budget, click here. Keep visiting our blog to find out the latest on any new early education program cuts that may result from the growing deficit.

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