Infant and Toddler Policy Progress in Wisconsin

States across the country are introducing policies that are designed to improve the quality of early education for infants and toddlers. These policies were created to achieve a variety of goals including: improving infant/toddler trainings for providers, increasing access to comprehensive services for infants/toddlers, and establishing core competencies that providers should know before working with infants/toddlers. In Wisconsin, the introduction of the Infant Toddler Professional Credential is highlighted as an example of a policy change that promotes a strong, knowledgeable workforce. With specialized training in infant and toddler development, providers are able to provide higher quality care for the youngest Wisconsin residents. Other state examples of infant/toddler policy progress are included in a recent report by the Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP). You can view the full report here.

One thought on “Infant and Toddler Policy Progress in Wisconsin

  1. It’s actually good that the government on other countries is doing everything they can to provide the right education for the children of the future. How I wish it’s the same here in Malaysia.

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