Preparing for Flu Season

As the flu season approaches, schools and early education programs must take a closer look at their illness policies, procedures, and preventative measures. Several national organizations have created websites and toolkits with information and suggestions to assist educators in creating action plans. Some of these resources include:

1. A webpage from the National Parent Teacher Association. This site includes tip sheets for parents on how to talk to their children about the flu and flu prevention.

2. The US Department of Health and Human Services led in the creation of the website This site includes prevention tips, signs/symptoms, frequently asked questions, and special sections on school planning and early education program prevention.

3. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a seasonal flu informational section for schools and childcare providers. This site offers flu facts, prevention tips, and advice for providers of children under the age of 6 months of age.

4. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services has a section of their website devoted to seasonal flu. Included are tips and information on preparing for the flu in a school or childcare facility.

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