Milwaukee Child Care Summit Announced

The Unity Caucus and Senator Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee) recently announced a child care summit in part to address concerns that the child care community has raised in response to changes in background checks, Wisconsin Shares, and quality ratings. According to a press release sent from Senator Taylor’s office:

“The summit will offer advice ranging from how to open a day care center to questions about receiving micro-loans. In addition, information about Wisconsin Act 76, the recent changes to the Wisconsin Shaves Program, will be shared and discussed…The event seeks to teach individuals the inner workings of an audit and what one must do during the procedure. Questions will also be answered about any possible issues or concerns one might have about child care centers and how to use the proposed YoungStar system.”

Experts will be available to answer questions and will include Secretary Reggie Bicha, Joyce Mallory (executive director of the Malaika Early Learning Center), a representative of Jo’s Daycare Academy, and attorney Felicia Miller Watson.

The summit will take place on Saturday February 27th between 9 am and 1 pm at the Greater New Birth Church, 2207 West Center Street. For more information, you can contact Senator Taylor at 608.266.5810.

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