Two More YoungStar Events in Milwaukee

The Wisconsin Department of Children and Families (DCF) has been traveling across the state and meeting with many stakeholders about the proposed Quality Rating and Improvement System for child care providers, YoungStar. In response, they have been making updates and improvements to the system.

Two more events will take place in Milwaukee this week. DCF staff and other community partners will discuss the program and hope to receive feedback from childcare providers. If you have questions or comments, please attend one of the following events:
Tuesday, March 23 from 6- 8 pm at Milwaukee Brotherhood of Firefighters Hall, 7717 West Good Hope Road
Wednesday, March 24 from 6- 8 pm at Milwaukee Public Schools Central Services Auditorium, 5225 West Vliet Street

RSVP to either event by emailing:

2 thoughts on “Two More YoungStar Events in Milwaukee

  1. In regards to required Wmels training: Our organization has recently spent hundreds of dollars of an extentive High-Scope Training with Observation records and wonderful developmental charts that we feel far surpass the WMELS.
    Could this program be considered interchangeable since it is similar? (and in our subjuctive opinion..better?)

    • Thanks for this great question. DCF has updated its YoungStar point system in response to provider comments like yours. WMELS training is now an optional point under the learning environment and curriculum category. In other words, a program does not have to have training in WMELS or curriculum aligned with WMELS in order to receive 3, 4, or 5 stars. In the newest version, in order to receive 3 stars overall a program must have completed a self assessment that leads to a written improvement plan. Programs must receive an ECERS average score of 5 with no subscore less than 3 to receive 4 stars overall, and a program must receive an ECERS average score of 5 with no subscore less than 4 to receive 5 stars overall. Additional optional points can be earned in this category for using a verified tool to create a program quality improvement plan. Additional optional points can also be earned by using child assessment tools and tracking individual child outcomes. You can view the latest point breakdown here for more information.

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