This Mother’s Day, Mom Says “Invest in Young Children!”

Every day, mothers invest their time, attention, and love in young children. This year on Mother’s Day, in recognition of this investment, contact Congress and ask them to make a similar investment to promote the well-being of young children across the nation!

Earlier this year, President Obama released his budget request for fiscal year 2011. In it, he proposed significant funding increases (a $6.12 billion increase over last year!) for programs that impact children including important increases in funding for child care, Head Start, and child nutrition programs. These programs serve our most disadvantaged children, enable parents to get and keep a job, and promote good nutrition early in life. Click here to read more about the President’s request for funding.

In honor of mothers who go the extra mile for children, take a moment to send an email to your Congress representatives today and urge them to fully fund the President’s request for 2011. Ask them to provide:

• a $1.6 billion increase for the Child Care & Development Block Grant,
• a $989 million increase for Head Start and Early Head Start, and
• a $1 billion increase for child nutrition programs.

Click here to email your representatives in Congress today. Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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