Joint Finance Committee to Discuss YoungStar: URGENT Action Needed

Wisconsin’s Joint Finance Committee has set the date to discuss and decide the fate of the proposed Quality Rating and Improvement System for child care providers, YoungStar. This meeting is NOT a public hearing– the public can attend to listen only. The meeting is set for: Wednesday, June 23 at 10 am.

The Department of Children and Families continues to respond to child care provider concerns with updates and improvements to the system. YoungStar is now stronger because of YOUR feedback- and it will continue to evolve in response to ideas from the field. Visit our website for more information, resources, and webinars on the program.

We need your help! Please contact your state Representative, Senator, and the two Joint Finance Co-Chairs- Senator Mark Miller and Representative Mark PocanTODAY.

Quality child care matters. Help us send a message by telling legislators:
• to support YoungStar, the Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) for child care, and
• to urge Joint Finance Committee members to vote for Alternative 1 (full funding and a phase-in approach) from the Legislative Fiscal Bureau’s May 24, 2010 paper on the section 13.10 request by the Department of Children and Families to fund their YoungStar plan.

Find out who your representatives are, and how to contact them, by clicking here and entering your mailing address. You can also call the Legislative hotline toll free at 1-800-362-9472.

Please join us for a final push in support of YoungStar and quality care for kids! The quality of care children receive has a huge and proven impact on their development and school-readiness. YOU can take a stand for quality by contacting your legislators and members of the Joint Finance Committee.

3 thoughts on “Joint Finance Committee to Discuss YoungStar: URGENT Action Needed

  1. On behalf of Wisconsin Department of Famlies and Children I as an owner of a group daycare is in full agreement of the Quality Rating and Improvement System for child care providers, YoungStar.I beleive that this program will straighten out a lot of daycares that are not providing quality care for our children.

    Bethany Gaskin
    Kingdom Care

  2. My only concerns would be purchasing the manuals (Assesments, ERS, PAS, etc) and providing courses (CDA, Credential, Associate Degree’s, etc), and finding the time for the staff to continue there education(some trainings are offered throughout the day during schedule work hours). When you are an independant Group Daycare it is important that all the teachers work there schedule hours in order for us to stay in compliance with the state. I also feel that the higher the teachers go in there education the more they are going to expect in pay. As it is a lot of daycares have lost children due to the economy. How will we as owners keep up with staff education and higher salary increases when we’re struggling ourselves to stay open. The thought of the idea sounds great; but are we as small business daycare owners going to be able to support it financially.

    I feel that there should be a more quality incentive program created for group/family daycares and teachers. There should be an education bonus in line for quality daycares that have so many hours a year based on the number of teachers employed. This education bonus is for courses like CPR, CAN, Infant and Toddler Curriculum, etc. These types of classes are offered in Booklets at Early Education Station and other sources or at 4C’s which offer evening classes, this makes it more convient for the teachers to work there scheduled hours.

    I know that the Registry and Teach offers bonuses for teachers but I feel that maybe there should be a yearly bonus in line for daycare teachers that have a longevity status with there company and consistently update there education. There should be stipulations on annual bonuses; for example, if the teacher leave the company without any legitamate/legal proof(Moving, Illness, Disability, etc) or stop there education for a certain period of time then they will have to wait a year or two in order to become eligible to receive annual bounus. There should be levels of cash awards given based on the quantity of education and quality(grades) since daycare teachers are paid so low. Having incentives like this will surely get more teachers on board with consistency in higher learning and this will surely alliviate some of the teachers that are not committed and quality assured. This will also boost up the quality and consistency in teachers which in return will make parents happier and it would bring in more famlies.

    Bethany Gaskin
    Kingdom Care

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