Registration now open for WECA’s YoungStar trainings!

YoungStar, Wisconsin’s new quality rating and improvement system, will begin early next year. To help prepare the early childhood workforce for this new program, several organizations have put together extra training sessions that will take place starting NOW! WECA is one of the organizations that will be holding these training sessions (visit the DCF website for a complete listing of training options) and we’ve just opened up our registration! Join us as we kick off our training series!

Visit our website and check out our training schedule (sorted by topic or sorted by county!). Registration is open and sessions are starting NOW- don’t miss out!

4 thoughts on “Registration now open for WECA’s YoungStar trainings!

  1. So the meeting was full when I tried to register so I have a few questions.

    1. Currently I don’t have any room for any more children, which means I don’t have any subsidy children. I do except them but I don’t have room right now. What is going to happen when it comes time for raters to come out and do the YoungStar rating on my center. Is my center put on a waiting list because they are doing centers with subsidy children. What is my center going to be listed as in terms of YoungStar because I am on the waiting list. Is my center going to be listed as “un-rateable?”

    Are we going to be moved up after those centers with subsidy children decide they only want to be a 1 star and not get rated?

    How long am I going to be on the waiting list?

    • Thanks for your question Jessica. Because the regional entities that are administering the program have not been chosen, and because DCF is still working with the legislature to figure out these details, your question can’t totally be answered. However, DCF does intend to eventually give a full YoungStar observation rating to every program that wants one. In the meantime, all programs, whether in Wisconsin Shares or not, will be offered encouragement and training. If a child care program with only private pay families volunteers to participate in YoungStar, it will be eligible for technical assistance, micro-grants and rating observations. It will be classified as “unrated” while waiting for its turn. DCF staff is working with the Supporting Families Together Association (SFTA, the umbrella organization for local Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies) to come up with ways to let parents know that being “unrated” has nothing whatsoever to do with quality.

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