Celebrate Worthy Wage Day 2011

worthy wage day 2009May 1st is recognized each year as National Early Educator Worthy Wage Day. On this day, early childhood professionals- and the organizations that support them- work together to inform the public about the importance of high quality early education. Despite the critical role they play in children’s lives, the early childhood workforce continues to be compensated poorly (the average professional earned around $23,600 in 2010). Join us today (and every day) in honoring the early education professionals and programs in your community.

WECA would like to send a heartfelt acknowledgment for the “worthy work” performed every day by early childhood educators working with children and families in child care centers, preschools, Head Start facilities, and family child care homes throughout Wisconsin.

One thought on “Celebrate Worthy Wage Day 2011

  1. I am interested in learning how I might earn a better wage as a preschool teacher.

    I first earned 8.00 and hour with less than 36 hrs a week and then transferred to another daycare and am only making 7.25 an hour but am at least getting 40 hrs per week.

    Both employers tell me they simply cannot afford to pay me more regardless of what education and classes I have or plan to take.

    I love what I do, but not sure if I can maintain even my basic lifestyle with the rise in groceries, gas, and utility bills.

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