Happy Provider Appreciation Day!

In honor of provider appreciation day today, May 6th, the Governor has signed a proclamation acknowledging all the hard work early childhood professionals do every day in Wisconsin. There will also be a public service announcement running on radio stations across the state with the following message:

Child. Care.
Two words that, because of you, are inseparable.
We put our most precious gifts in your hands, day in and day out.
And for the children we entrust to you, every one of those days is filled with new adventures, new
insights, and the teachings that will take them to tomorrow.
Which brings us to the two words you don’t hear enough.
Thank. You.

On behalf of the Wisconsin Early Childhood Association we would like to thank all the early childhood professionals across the state for all that they do for our youngest Wisconsinites. If you have a child in an early education setting, make sure to take a minute today to also say thank you!

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