WECA: Our programs are creating a stronger Wisconsin, one opportunity at a time!

As a family child care provider, you work hard every day to help keep children healthy and growing strong. Preparing meals and snacks is part of this important work. The WECA Food Program is here to help you pay for nutritious foods and give children the opportunity to live a healthy life.

With the WECA Food Program, family child care providers are given the opportunity to serve healthy and nutritious meals to children, while being reimbursed an average of $340* each month. We know that you are already doing your best for the children in you care, why not help us reimburse you for some of your efforts?

Learn more about the WECA Food Program, including how to join now, by clicking here.

*$340 is based on an average Food Program recipient claiming breakfast, lunch, and a snack for four children at Tier 1 rates.

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