Find out where candidates stand on early education issues

During election campaign season, you can expect to see and hear a lot of commercials and speeches from candidates for public offices. But, are they talking about issues that impact early education, quality child care, and the ece workforce? Campaign season is the perfect opportunity to ask public official candidates what they think about these key issues.

The Wisconsin Council on Children and Families (WCCF) wants us all to raise our voices for kids during these busy election times in Wisconsin. Let’s make sure candidates are talking about kids’ issues when they are campaigning, so we can all make informed decisions when we vote.  To help you along, visit WCCF’s  “Elect Candidates For Kids” electoral advocacy page.  The page highlights questions that can be taken to debates and forums, electoral advocacy tips offering ways to get involved in the elections, and links to other sites where you can review candidate interviews and other useful resources.

Please help make children’s issues an important part of the election season dialog this year!


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