WECA: Our programs are creating a stronger Wisconsin, one opportunity at a time!

While working with young children, you influence the future. Let us help you further your own education so you can give them your best. T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood® Wisconsin provides higher education scholarships to professionals who work in regulated early childhood and school age care settings. Since its inception in 1999, T.E.A.CH. has provided more than 7,000 scholarships to over 4,00 early childhood teachers to attend credit-based courses.

Continuing your education requires an investment: of time, energy and, of course, money. The T.E.A.C.H. model is true partnership in which the T.E.A.C.H. program, your employer*, and you share in the costs of your education. Get started on, or continue with, your education today! Find out more about T.E.A.C.H. here.

*Scholarships for family child care providers do not include an employer portion of cost.

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