Comment on Wisconsin’s Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity Plan

The WI Department of Health Services wants to hear from you! They want to know what you think about their plan to reduce obesity, and improve nutrition and physical activity across the state. Go to the DHS website and leave your comments (even just saying something like “this is great!” is helpful) by WEDNESDAY JULY 18th. You can comment as an individual, or as an organization.

What is in the plan?

The State Plan is a set of evidence based strategies for obesity prevention. It includes strategies that anyone can use where they live, work, learn and play. The contents were thoroughly researched and vetted by teams of content experts to ensure use of current scientific evidence and best practices.

Why should I comment?

Absent a strong voice from you, the messages that get through to DHS very well may be dominated by special interest groups, not always consistent with the recommendations of the diverse committees developing the plan or best evidence about what works to reduce obesity.

What are some talking points I can use?

Read more about specific pieces in the plan, and different talking points in response, by reading this analysis completed by Wisconsin Council on Children and Families.

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