Tax Credits for Businesses that Support Child Care!

Last week, Wisconsin Senator Herb Kohl introduced a piece of legislation that would extend tax credits to businesses that provide on-site or nearby child care programming for their employees’ children. The tax credit was originally signed into law in 2001 as part of Kohl’s Child Care Infrastructure Act. The Act, which was passed with bipartisan support, will expire at the end of this year unless Congress renews it.

In his newsletter, Senator Kohl says this about the legislation:

“It is a powerful and proven incentive for business ā€“ especially small business ā€“ to arrange on-site child care for their employees… Child care is a good investment for employer and employee alike… Iā€™m confident that this legislation will be supported on both sides of the aisle before the end of the year.”

Do you support this type of tax credit for businesses? Tell us what you think!

One thought on “Tax Credits for Businesses that Support Child Care!

  1. I think child care being close to the parents work is a great oppertunity to keep relationships between parents and children strong. Visits on lunch, breaks, and less time between work and picking up the kids at the end of the day. I do wonder what kind of “on-site childcare” is considered acceptable…..are the daycares required to provide a certain level of satisfaction on the YoungStar scale??

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