How will Early Education Fare in a Romney/Ryan Budget?

We just came across an interesting article describing predictions for early education funding under Romney/Ryan leadership. Several leaders of Wisconsin organizations contributed their opinions to the piece, and most predicted that early education funding would be deeply cut in a budget created by Romney and Ryan.

“Helen Blank, the director of leadership and public policy at the Washington-based National Women’s Law Center, said that Ryan’s proposed cuts would be devastating, and would be even worse than those that would be triggered by ‘sequestration'”

Others noted that the positive economic returns that come from funding high-quality early education may persuade Romney and Ryan to continue to invest in these programs.

“Should Romney and Ryan end up in the White House…the early childhood world has a very strong argument to present the fiscal conservatives that investing in Head Start and other early childhood programs…will save money for the government down the line in decreased costs for education, social services, and criminal justice.”

Read the full article here and let us know how YOU think early education would be funded under the leadership of Romney and Ryan.

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