Today is NAEYC’s National Call-In Day to U.S. Senate

The President and Congress are negotiating the “Fiscal Cliff” – and their decisions will impact funding for child care, Head Start, schools, early intervention services, and many other critical programs for children, families, and early childhood education for many years to come.  

A fair budget and a reduced deficit are important, and these goals can be met without making dramatic cuts to the programs that support early education. Contact Wisconsin’s Senators to let them know that early education funding is important and should not be cut!

  • How to make the call: Dial 1-888-743-1097 to reach the Capitol Switchboard. Tell the operator the name of your Senator. Click here to find your two Senators (you only need your zip code).
  • Sample message for your toll-free call:

My name is (name) and I am calling from (city, state). I am (a teacher, director, family services coordinator, for example — your professional role).

As you make important budget  decisions, keep full funding for early education programs — such as child care, Head Start, and child nutrition programs- as these programs will stimulate the economy and bring a large return on investment. We can reduce the federal deficit and build up our economy without cutting these programs. These programs  help families and children, help build a stronger nation and economy. We can raise revenue by asking the wealthiest, who gained significant tax breaks over the last decade, to pay more so we can reduce the deficit and invest in early childhood development and education.    

We are counting on you here in Wisconsin! Thank you.

  • After your first call: Dial the Capitol Switchboard again to reach your other Senator.

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