5 Star providers get a boost in their reimbursements!

On January 1, 2013, the Department of Children and Families (DCF) made changes to the Wisconsin Shares Subsidy Program tiered reimbursement for YoungStar 5 Star child care providers.  This increase is authorized by Wisconsin statute that permits DCF to increase the maximum reimbursement rate for 5 Star providers from the previous 10% to up to 25 percent.

A program’s increased YoungStar bonus will be calculated on the Wisconsin Shares Subsidy Program reimbursement amount after the parental copayment is deducted.  For most 5 Star providers, this new YoungStar bonus will be between 20% and 25%.  The new YoungStar bonus amount will be added to reimbursements checks in January 2013.


Questions about Wisconsin Shares payments should be directed to your county child care coordinator or in Milwaukee, the Milwaukee Early Care Administration child care coordinator.



A list of child care coordinators can be found at: http://dcf.wisconsin.gov/childcare/wishares/pdf/coordinators.pdf


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