Reduce Poverty: Focus on the Causes, not Symptoms

A recent New York Times article urged our current administration to invest in high-quality early education programs to end the cycle of poverty. In this great nation, we can often determine a person’s trajectory in life based on the zip code that they are born/raised in. By improving the resources and high-quality experiences that are available to all young children, despite their zip code, we will be treating the “cause” of poverty. Nicholas Kristof, the author of the article, makes some compelling statements, including the following two quotes:

“Something is profoundly wrong when we can point to 2-year-olds in this country and make a plausible bet about their long-term outcomes — not based on their brains and capabilities, but on their ZIP codes”

“The most crucial investments we as a country can make are in the first five years of life, and … they pay for themselves. Yet these kinds of initiatives are underfinanced and serve only a tiny fraction of children in need.”

Read the full article here, and let us know what you think!

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