Obama Puts Forward Early Childhood Education Agenda in State of the Union

The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) sent an email this morning highlighting President Obama’s focus on early childhood issues in last night’s State of the Union address. Here are a few of the resources from NAEYC’s email:

Last night, President Obama highlighted the importance of early childhood education – both quality and access. See NAEYC’s press release applauding the focus on early childhood education and NAEYC’s recommendations for creating equity in access and quality in early childhood education for children from birth through age 8 by clicking here.

Also check out the sheet released by the White House last night that adds to the President’s words in the State of the Union, which includes, “The President is also proposing new investments in early learning so that every child has the chance at a high-quality education starting at the youngest ages, and promoting educational pathways to help students find good-paying, high-skilled jobs.” Click here to view this sheet.

Join WECA and NAEYC in continuing to support early childhood education issues in 2013 — Click here to sign-up to receive WECA advocacy alerts.

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