YoungStar Trainings
YoungStar has begun and WECA’s YoungStar training sessions have been scheduled! Other organizations will also be offering YoungStar training sessions soon on a variety of topics. Check out our YoungStar training page to learn about training taking place in your community.

Need help figuring out how you can meet the educational qualifications section of YoungStar? Click here to learn about WECA’s NEW, free professional development planning service.

Attend our Training Events across the state
From health and safety trainings to information about higher education scholarships, our trainings are designed to support early educators across the state. Check our our training section here and sign up for a session that meets your needs.

Join the WI Early Learning Coalition’s Great Start Campaign
Join as an individual member or on behalf of an organization (such as an affiliate, a support agency, parent group, or program) by clicking here and signing on. Membership is FREE and open to everyone. It is our goal to build a membership where we can express our power in numbers too large for politicians to ignore!

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