Return on Investment- Wisconsin-style

Return on Investment- Wisconsin-style

Many studies connect high-quality child care to positive impacts for children as they get older.  And many studies by economists, such as Dr. James Heckman, attach real dollars to the savings that are obtained. Articles, blog postings and opinion pieces appear on this topic with high frequency. The message that it makes good economic sense to invest in early childhood education has hit the mainstream, which is a good thing.

WECA wanted to tell the return on investment story that is unique to Wisconsin.  With funding from the Alliance for Early Success, WECA worked with the Committee for Economic Development to do just that.

Follow the story of Jack – a child who has access to 5-star child care in Wisconsin. See the benefits that accrue, and the dollars saved when certain things don’t happen (being held back a grade in school, being placed in special education, dropping out of high school, being incarcerated, relying on public assistance). See the economic impact when other things do happen (high school and college graduation).  The benefits and numbers grow exponentially as the scenarios expand to show the financial impact on Wisconsin if all our low-income children attended 5-star childcare programs.

WECA looks forward to sharing this powerful new advocacy tool and we ask you to share it widely and often. It’s yet another way to work together to create new practices and policies that enable all children to start off strong.

National poll shows strong bipartisan support for federal action on early learning

A recent national poll released by the First Five Years Fund (July 17, 2014) finds that 71% of American voters support greater federal investments in early childhood education. The poll reveals that over two-thirds of voters want Congress and the Obama Administration to make early childhood education a top legislative priority, with the issue ranking as the second highest priority of voters. As our nation heads into an election cycle, it’s critical that we assess candidates’ investment in early learning and press for needed changes.  The people are speaking – are our lawmakers listening? F_FFYF_2014Pollinfographics6 The poll was commissioned by the First Five Years Fund in conjunction with the bipartisan polling team of Public Opinion Strategies and Hart Research Associates.

WECA’s Ruth Schmidt on Walker’s Budget: Invest in Early Education

Ruth Schmidt, WECA’s Executive Director, was on Wisconsin Public Radio this morning to discuss the importance of investing in early education in Governor Walker’s upcoming budget. Listen here: