Professor James Heckman speaks out: “Our educational programs don’t start early enough.”

In his recent New York Times op-ed “Lifelines for Poor Children.”economist James Heckman takes a sweeping view of why quality early care must be a priority in our country.

“Quality early childhood programs for disadvantaged children are not “entitlements” or bottomless wells of social spending. They foster human flourishing and they improve our economic productivity in the process. There is no trade-off between equity and efficiency, as there is for other social programs. Early investment in the lives of disadvantaged children will help reduce inequality, in both the short and the long run.”

– Professor James Heckman

Professor Heckman’s piece appeared in a New York Times series called “The Great Divide.”


Early Education Expert featured on NPR

Dr. James Heckman, a Noble prize winning economist at University of Chicago, recently joined Michel Martin of NPR to discuss the importance of early childhood education (Click on the NPR logo to the left to listen to the interview). Dr. Heckman has spent years studying the impact that high-quality child care has on the economy. He found that early education is an extremely wise use of public dollars as there is a significant return on the investment. He has since been an incredible advocate for early childhood education and its large positive impact on society and the economy.