Thanks to all who’ve responded to “the missing link” posting.

Thanks to all who’ve responded to “missing link” posting. It has sparked lively discussion. Despite a variety of perspectives, it’s important to name the common goal we all share:  We all strive for quality because we value children, their families, and the important work we do.  So, let’s keep the dialog open and let’s explore solutions to challenges, but let’s also celebrate the tremendous gains we have made to improve child care quality.

A few highlights:


  • 3 out of 4 family child care providers in Wisconsin participate in a Food Program – funded by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.  WECA alone processes almost $400,000 in claims monthly.


  • Annually, Wisconsin allocates $4M to T.E.A.C.H. scholarships that provide accessible and affordable education for child care providers and to REWARD stipends.
  • 1,100 child care providers participate in T.E.A.C.H. and 84% of them work in 2 and 3 star programs.  Last year 1,612 providers received REWARD stipends.


  • With YoungStar funding, over 3,000 Micro-Grants have been awarded – a $2.2M commitment to materials and resources for quality improvement within child care settings.
  • To date almost 15,000 on-site technical consulting visits were made to over 4,000 child care programs, and 1,500 hours of training has been provided.
  • 3,065 programs have been contacted by the Professional Development Counseling service, including all 2-star programs in Milwaukee. The service is offered free of charge.

Wisconsin’s children deserve the best possible start through quality early care. Thank you for your commitment to Wisconsin’s children.

2 thoughts on “Thanks to all who’ve responded to “the missing link” posting.

  1. Whenever ‘discussion” about Youngstar happens – we get the same response. Look at all the wonderful things we have done. The problem seems to be how the state employees and funded organizations see those “wonderful things” and how our parents, staff and center directors see the same program. Why ask for discussion when nothing will change? Why didn’t I include children in my list- because they are not seeing any change from the excellent care most centers provide ther children. My centers performance hasn’t changed we always provided an excellent service to our parents and children. However my ability to pay my staff more, my rates to cover the cost of Youngstar has changed. Get off the bandwagon and start really looking at what we need for quality care.

  2. No doubt there are some good results from the YoungStar program. My day care has improved in various way BUT providers have legitimate concerns. It would be great to no only be heard but actually listened to.

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